Established in 2004, the Walkerton Clean Water Centre is an operational service agency of the Government of Ontario. It is responsible for delivering education, information and advice on water treatment, equipment, technology and operational requirements and environmental issues related to drinking water. It develops and delivers training to drinking water system owners, operators, and operating authorities across Ontario with a focus on smaller, remote and older systems, including First Nations systems. It also provides advice, information and promotes public education on water safety and quality issues. In addition, the Centre provides advice to the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change on research needed to achieve and maintain high quality safe drinking water.

The Centre is located in the Town of Walkerton in the Municipality of Brockton, and has both a local and a provincial profile, offering services throughout the province. As it has expanded its drinking water training programs and related services, the Centre's profile has grown to become the province’s leading centre for applied research, technology demonstration and high quality training.