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Fact Sheets

The Centre has created fact sheets to provide information and education to owners, operators and operating authorities of drinking water systems and to the public.

Free Web Tools

Click here to find a summary of free tools available online. Free online tools are available to interpret the water quality data, assist in asset management, cost-benefit analysis, as well as management of energy efficiency, etc. This paper presents a brief introduction of selected free online tools suitable for small water systems.

Sources of Information for Small Drinking Water Systems - Federal and Provincial Resources

Click here to find opportunities for small drinking water systems.

Free Training Materials - Government of Canada Small Systems Training Program

Click here to find free training materials which have been developed by Canadian federal departments as part of a multi-barrier approach to provide safe drinking water on First Nation lands and at federal facilities.

The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change

Click here to search for the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Small Drinking Water Systems page and a list of licensed laboratories in Ontario that measure drinking water parameters.

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

Click here to read about small drinking water systems.


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